Choosenick. Notes and observations on service design, as well as other interesting things/thinking. By Nick Marsh.


I'm Nick Marsh, and I'm interested in all forms of design practice, but I'm particularly interested in the emerging field of service design.

I currently work at The UK Design Council Engine Service Design EMC Conchango Sidekick Studios as the Service Design Director. I also organise meetups and events for service design people in London. More here.

I went to school at Goldsmiths, where I did my B.A in Design in 2006. I grew up in Sheffield, which is an awesome place with great countryside.

You can read about what I'm interested in on my blog, read my writing and check out some of my design work. You can also find me and my (truncated) CV on

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any interesting things or thinking you'd like to share.

(Also, I'm married to Davina Drummond! Whoo hoo!)