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4247263_500.jpg The madness that is Deptford Market! I love visiting Deptford and just watching the melee. It’s a shame there’s never anything good to buy, although Toby told me the other day that there was some ‘sweet, really cheap climbing equipment for sale.’ Nice.
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Creating a user experience process

I can relate to this article on Boxes and Arrows having spent a long time developing these types of processes for diverse organisations.

“Creating a User Experience (UX) process can be a very rewarding journey; it can also be a nightmare if approached from the wrong angle. Initiating a culture-shift, overhauling existing processes, evangelizing, strategizing, and educating is an enormous undertaking. Often it’s a lonely path the UX advocate walks, especially if you are the only one who is driving that change from within the company. But that path is ripe with opportunities to improve your company’s product creation process, as well as the product itself.”

I’d add that the challenges multiply as you head down the value chain. Creating UX processes when your primary advocates are middle managers makes life tricky - But as Amy Hillman points out later:

“Once you have one UX win, no matter how small, that you can clearly map to your process publicize that story ruthlessly throughout the company. Be sure to credit the entire team for their role in the UX work that contributed to the project’s success. And get ready for more work to come your way”

Documantation is clearly vital to continued success, and something I struggle with as process evolve and change in front of you. A very interesting article, with loads of great practical tips. Thanks Amy!

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“Many developments in the nineties were driven by the integration of computer skills into the designers toolbox. Now the emphasis is on acquiring more multi-disciplinary and contextual skills.”

My boss Joe Heapy is speaking here, it looks to be an interesting and transformational event… £250 though!

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4178918_500.jpg Meat to live. A great example of a Truth Well Told. They don’t make ‘em like they used to, that’s for sure. Kind of a shame really, as this guy is great!
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The greatest recruitment video ever. Awesome. You need to watch it until at least 60 seconds in and then the awesomeness starts.
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And slowly, their eyes began to open...

It seems people are starting to get it…

“The long-standing distinctions between products and services are beginning to break down. Traditionally, a product was physical and discrete, something obviously demarcated in space and time. The designer’s brief rarely encompassed more than the form of an object, and use would be considered only in terms of a narrow range of scenarios. But, driven by lightweight and ubiquitous networking and the open standards it gives rise to, all of this has started to change: no longer can the designer of any product assume that it will stand on its own, autonomous and serenely uninvolved with the wider world.”


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