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Brilliant BMW sponsored ethnographic insights

“Carmaker BMW has published the results of a UK-based study into the way people behave and feel while travelling in cars, both as drivers and passengers. The findings come in a report called “The Secret Life of Cars and What They Reveal About Us”, which was commissioned to help BMW understand drivers’ current and future needs.”

dezeen » Blog Archive » The Secret Life of cars by BMW

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BusinessWeek on Nokia - No iPhone but 1,000,000,000 customers...

“We are about to report our billionth customer, so we must be doing something right,” says Anssi Vanjoki, a Nokia executive committee member responsible for multimedia devices.”

Why Nokia Is Leaving Moto in the Dust

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Designing for services glossary update!

“Planned outputs of this project studying service design is a ‘vocabulary’ (or glossary, or primer). Unlike many existing glossaries which serve to communicate key concepts in a field of knowledge, this one aims to draw from all the bodies of knowledge involved in this project - from design as well as social sciences.”

Designing for Services: Vocabularies across disciplinary boundaries

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Games on Boxes and Arrows

“I’m a passionate proponent of ethnographic field studies and other ways of gaining human-centered insight. At the end of the day, that work needs to dovetail with organizational realities and requirements — and understanding business vision and drivers is where we often use design games.

In this article, I’m going to talk about four things: why we use games, core game principles, how to apply games, and how to sell design games to your organization or client.”

Using Design Games - Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the design

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Is poverty tourism—”poorism,” they call it—exploration or exploitation?
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Designer as facilitator

Even the best design teams, methods, architecture and tools are no match for a project beset with political infighting, divided priorities or unfocused goals. To truly make an impact, product teams need to have business buy-in and a shared understanding of the project’s direction. Often, it’s up to designers to smooth the way and facilitate this consensus.

adaptive path » washington, d.c. » user experience week 2007 » session description

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Quick, hide those stupid ideas, the name inspector is coming round...

“This is the first post is a series that will focus on an issue that’s more slippery but also more fundamental: how the intrinsic meaning of a name (if there is one) relates to the company, product, or service that the name stands for.”


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