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Davina’s website goes live!

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Unbelievable. An entire factory made out of Lego that makes little Lego cars. A-to the-wesome! 

via Digital Digressions

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“After receiving my BA in product design I landed a dream job as a toy designer at LEGO. Currently I’m working as director of experience and innovation at LEGO, involved in our insights to innovation process fuelling new business development.”


Cecilia Weckstrom

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Nice blog on service design

“Coming from an IT background I perceived an increase in the scope of design activities. Starting with the design of information systems, the scope expanded to the design of business processes. Thereafter, the scope expanded….”


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9833815_500.jpg People don’t like new features when they’re not new any more, (if they even liked them at all in the first place.) via:
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9833703_500.jpg “The book that shows that thinking by the numbers—analyzing millions of info-bytes—provides people with greater insight into human behavior and allows them to predict the future with staggeringly accurate results.”
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Don't let other brands [people] kick sand in you face!

“Are you going to let others define you? One to one sessions will help you define yourself and create your personal brand!”

Personal Branding

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Context is king 

Great little research paper(pdf) from giant ant on ‘heuristics for mobile design.’ As they say “by engaging in customers’ situated contexts, mobile applications and mobile marketing can surpass traditional models by truly  supporting customers throughout their day and serving as a trusted  companion in capacities that are still being imagined.” Their list of 10 things to think about is really good…


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Interesting little mobile device project (although I don’t like the design at all), and nice insight into a device/service/ethnography design process - It’s all a bit po-faced though: “The bleeding edge design inspiration came straight from real consumers via Streative’s “Super Moles”- strategically placed vanguards, who embody influential brand insight.”  : )

Link to Syntes studio project

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The mobile device is finally commoditized - the service becomes the single sell

“Any Google phone will also be immediately compared to Apple’s iPhone. Whilst the iPhone provides an attractive package, it has so far only taken a small marketshare in the US cellular market, and is yet to have been released anywhere else in the world. A 3G (and therefore quicker) internet focused GPhone with a broad release worldwide could well present a strong competitor to Apple.” Could The GPhone Be Nigh?
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