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If you were saying to yourself “Now, where can I browse over 1,700 arcade manuals in PDF format?”, your prayers were just answered.
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An outbreak of a deadly disease in a virtual world can offer insights into real life epidemics, scientists suggest.

The “corrupted blood” disease spread rapidly within the popular online World of Warcraft game, killing off thousands of players in an uncontrolled plague.

The infection raged, wreaking social chaos, despite quarantine measures.”

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“ReD Associates is the leading European innovation consultancy working with people centric innovation.”


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Service Design in Copenhagen

“The service economy is the new paradigm in most knowledge driven economies. The service industry accounts for large proportion of the Gross National Product of several countries like the UK and USA. Denmark – traditionally an industrial nation – is placing a lot of emphasis on knowledge based enterprises and globalisation. This is an interesting opportunity and good timing for many of the traditional industries to move into new forms of interfacing with customers and reaching out to global audiences. By creating awareness and imparting practical tools, this workshop will educate potential champions in relevant industries.”

CIID - Service Design Workshop

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…there are threebillion people under twenty five on this planet, now that’s a lot of first kisses…
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9207651_500.jpg Interesting agency Anomaly is pursuing a fascinating new model for creative consultancy… via:
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Branded Utility

“a theory that suggests that in order for brands to remain relevant in our lives they have to become useful” Duh.
Branded Utility: PSFK At Columbia on PSFK
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On Holiday

I’m going on holiday for a week!
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Special Numbers!

“7 is the smallest number of faces of a regular polygon that is not constructible by straightedge and compass”
Many, many more special numbers here!
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