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17410286_500.jpg I’m going on holiday for a week, to this lovely place. Don’t do too much service designing, or have too much fun while I’m away please.
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Chris Conley on Innovation - video

Chris Conley discusses Gravitytank’s multidisciplinary creative process and how it approaches work for clients like Unilever and Goodyear. He makes a great point about the difficulty of writing innovation project proposals: “If you can figure it out in the proposal, why bother doing the work?” Getting this message across to clients is really tough - and its where process and experience prove invaluable.

Link to video
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Julia interviewed!

Julia Schaeper from Engine on service design, the difference between working with the public and the private sector and the advantage of being a generalist.” 

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Interetsing slideshow from Peer Insight. The conclusion: What are some of the implications of this shift [from product centred value creation to service centred value creation]?
• Resources are realigned from verticals to horizontals
• Processes shift to co-opt customer competence
• Design comes to the fore
• Emphasis on discovering latent needs
• Innovation becomes more open, collaborative
• IT platforms emerge to enable customized, repeatable outcomes page

Developing new services

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It just makes sense!

From James Cuddy 

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Designing service systems

Interesting slideshow  with some thoughts on service design practice. I like the bit that says “Designing this [a service system] is hard.” : )

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Service Design up North

Dott07 is generating some online buzz - We’ve got several project’s there, and we’ve just won some awards too! Check out the pictures, and also the blog(s)
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Public Service Transformation Design

“The pace of change is often overstated, but a few years ago something genuinely new began to happen to design. Invitations from political think tanks started to drop into designers’ in-boxes and policy wonks began to hang out with creatives. A clear outcome of this intersection between design and politics is the emergent discipline of design for public services.”

Plan - Views » Kevin McCullagh, ‘Transformation Design’, Blueprint, October 2007

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Rider Spoke

I went on a lovely experience at the Barbican last week with my Dad. Rider Spoke gives you a bike and a GPS Nokia phone, and then send you off into the wilderness of the City to answer questions and find other people’s answers. As they say on the site:

“The piece continues Blast Theory’s fascination with how games and new communication technologies are creating new social spaces. It poses further questions about where theatre may be sited and what form it may take. It invites the public to be co-authors of the piece and a visible manifestation of it as they cycle through the city. It locates the venue precisely in its local context and invites the audience to explore that context for its emotionaland intellectual resonances.”

My experience was slightly marred by the slowness of the technology - the GPS took a long time to update, meaning I kept thinking about the tech, when I should have been thinking about ‘visibly manifesting myself’ in the city. A shame, because its a lovely idea.

Images below: (This Tumblr thing is great, but I can’t upload pictures into text posts. Annoying)

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