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Cory on Facebook

“Like other “social” apps (cough eVite cough), Facebook has all the social graces of a nose-picking, hyperactive six-year-old, standing at the threshold of your attention and chanting, “I know something, I know something, I know something, won’t tell you what it is!”“

Great stuff. The article is actually a facebook hate-a-thon, but that is one of the best lines! Loads of great links too.

How Your Creepy Ex-Co-Workers Will Kill Facebook

November 30th, 2007 / Trackback / Comments

Brilliant idea to make mobile maps even more useful. I love how they’ve communicated it. Particularly the bit where the dorky guy says “if he had to type the address into his phone, he might faint from starvation!” 

New magical blue circle on your map

November 30th, 2007 / Trackback

CmlOu8ZUg2ckd8b1UpaMzGEb_500.jpg Spent an enjoyable evening with Jaimes. Predictable diagraming led to these awesome insights!
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“Here’s a quick glimpse of what I got from the conference. I attended one workshop, nine lectures, and two panel discussions. Here goes nothing…”
— Quite comprehensive notes on the emergence 2007 conference: link
November 28th, 2007 / Trackback / Comments

Transformation Design

“When designers and politicians put their heads together, are we seeing the dawn of a brave new world or just the re-birth of big brother? The pace of change is often overstated, but a few years ago something genuinely new began to happen to design. Invitations from political think tanks started to drop into designers’ in-boxes and policy wonks began to hang out with creatives. A clear outcome of this intersection between design and politics is the emergent discipline of design for public services.”

Plan | Views » Kevin McCullagh, ‘Transformation Design’, Blueprint, October 2007

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CmlOu8ZUg2b7q01kfFmjIbpg_500.jpg Cute blog on health service design for elederly people
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CmlOu8ZUg27052cePobJijfO_500.jpg Visualising who’s doing what where, so you can go and find them and talk to them
Businessweek has an interesting little piece on a software tool from BCG:
“Boston Consulting Group’s tool enables researchers and companies to map who’s working on what and where, allowing innovative collaboration.”
November 25th, 2007 / Trackback / Comments

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