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When sitting down at a restaurant in Minneapolis, I noticed the waiter replaced my white napkin with a black one. Apparently the tradition here is that if you are wearing black trousers or a dark skirt, the reasoning is that a white linen napkin might leave visible lint on your clothing so they immediately swap it for a black one. Such careful attention to detail surely develops trust.
— Great little service observation. Via metacool
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“That its possible for some of you to see me today you today, is another example of the speed at which things are changing around us.”

Brilliant work your maj!

Happy christmas everyone! 

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CmlOu8ZUg3chi3mzTr1nvN1Z_500.png Unbelievable. Why would anyone program this!? “An error occurred while processing this directive.” Why not just say ‘sorry’ or something?
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Interesting Think Public Inititaive

“The real work experience aims to open design graduates’ eyes to the opportunities of using their skills beyond the usual design roles and the possibility of working in the public sector. Concurrently, the programme aims to educate public sector bodies on the skills and value designers can bring to their organisations.”

The Real Work Experience

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CmlOu8ZUg357abqoUmvi1vAT_500.png Interesting pdf on service design practice
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How do you draw a service? I don’t know, but here’s how you draw a car.
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A Finnish study profiled twelve U.S. companies to give insight on how successfully applied service innovation can bring in the big bucks

Good old Jeneanne banging the service innovation drum again: 

Billion Dollar Innovation

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CmlOu8ZUg32vhne9GgXBZmH9_500.png Service Transformation - Pdf Download
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