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Interesting piece on commercial competencies - are you really customer focussed?

“Few companies are customer-centric in terms of these three basic dimensions of the firm. And perhaps they don’t need to be. I have suggested in earlier writing that most companies today are an unnatural bundle of three very different kinds of businesses – infrastructure management, product innovation and commercialization and customer relationship management.

Most companies are ultimately going to have to choose which of these three businesses they really want to be in, shed the other two businesses and aggressively grow the business they have chosen, aided by the enhanced agility and focus that they have achieved. If they do not make these difficult choices, they are likely to under-perform as they make the inevitable compromises required to accommodate the competing demands of three very different kinds of businesses.

When I pose this choice, most executives gravitate towards the third business type – the customer relationship business. In part, they do this because they genuinely believe they have a customer centric company. When confronted with the three customer focus questions, though, they begin to realize the enormous distance they would need to travel to become a true customer relationship business.

The companies that really succeed in the customer relationship business will have no trouble meeting this test. All the rest had better decide which of the other two businesses they really want to focus on.”


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participle is a unique hybrid: we bring together systemic policy thinking and new ideas with a project methodology which enables us to harness the broader creativity and latent solutions visible on the ground to service users, front line workers and communities: we call this methodology Transformation Design.
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One last observation concerning service design - in reality, there is no single canonized standpoint, way, dogma or procedure for service design. You can receive brilliant results using numerous routes. From the viewpoint of the evolution of competence the most important thing is that the diversity of competence culture grows. The more service design is developed from different standpoints and bases, the more it enriches the competence arising from service design.
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A great video I hadn’t watched about a transformational design project we ran with Walker Technology College. Very inspiring piece of public service design. 

Link to the case study - Our New School

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Cute piece of mobile-advertising-service work

“Every cell phone user has done it: forgot to lock their phone’s keypad and accidentally called the first person on their contact list. Usually some unlucky person by the name of Aaron or Abigail.

Belgian ad agency Duval Guillaume came up with a clever campaign that turns accidental calls into accidental donations to the Belgian League for the Blind. They’re asking people to add ‘A Blind Call’ to their list of contacts (for those of you in Belgium, the phone number is 070 222260). Every time the number is called, A Blind Call is given a cut of the call’s proceeds. Calls are cut off after 30 seconds, and the cost to the dialler is never more than EUR 0.75.”

Via: Springwise newsletter

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Mr. Samaroo’s sturdy Mongoose supports a system with four 12-inch speakers that can handle the 5,000 watts. He’s co-owner of a business called Legal Intentionz that mounts stereos on bikes.
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Touching video about a man who mends power lines from a helicopter wearing a faraday cage outfit. “There’s such a hunger for electricity these days” he says…


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