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It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently

Warren Buffet


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Intriguing teaser campaign for a new product/service/thing called modu
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Are the new marketeers service designers in disguise?

No. Its a very different type of practice, that comes at the question from a sales point of view, not a users. Nonetheless, as this Ad-Age article points out in its piece on A-list agencies:

“At least half of the agencies we chose [for the A-list] have developed or are working on developing products of some kind - video games, in-flight e-mail tools, travel luggage - on behalf of a client.”

The article continues…

There may be only a handful of working examples of agencies operating this way right now, but product creation as marketing solution is going to be more and more important in a consumer-controlled media world.”

So, clearly some user-centred thinking going on, but the prejudice in me wants to say that the Ad men are cynical sales people out to make a buck, not out to make our lives easier, right? It helps me sleep anyway…

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CmlOu8ZUg4arh3kkUQ7be6TL_500.png Service Design (by Engine) at SEEDesign
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Apple “knows how to swoop in late and slash the nonsense out of a product.”

Geoff Vuleta, CEO Fahrenheit 212 

What Should Apple Do Next?

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In a world of words, stand out thorugh image! 

ASCII Art Google Adwords via konrad and szymon

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CmlOu8ZUg46dhd2ppcc9171W_500.png Can innovation be “tamed” as quality was? Here’s a digram that says yes! link
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This generation’s design movement is built less on a coherent set of ideas than a simple, can-do attitude. That brand of progressivism is naïve, at best.
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Service Innovation Patterns (pdf)

Research presentation (pdf) from Robert J. Glushko & Christo Sims of Berkeley.

“Because services are often less tangible or more abstract than products, service descriptions are more amenable to conceptual manipulation. This suggests that design patterns or models for services could be exploited systematically to invent new or improved services”

They go on…

“Rather than focus on categories for service classification, it is more useful to emphasize dimensions or facets of service design that define abstract characteristics of service… Instead of trying to fit services into categories, these design dimensions can serve as facets that enable more nuanced comparisons between services”

Lots of interesting (but awful to look at) daigrams too.

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