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via Schulze & Webb.

Great presentation on ‘the internet as movement’

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Shelly Evenson on Service System Frameworks - “The frameworks that conciously connect service touchpoints.” At the Design Research Conference.
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CmlOu8ZUg5394zioViXpd4kb_500.gif Awesome Undersea Internet Cable Infographic via
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How to Lie with Design Research. Nice contrast to this.
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Brilliant Air Crash Experience!

Last night I went to Shunt with Steve, Davina and others. We actually went to see a great band play on the underground pirate ship, but that wasn’t the best bit - The best bit was the simulated air crash experience/scary zip line into a blinding light as part of a project called Airphoria, organised the talented chaps at Aerial. As they say on their website:

“…to acknowledge such incidents [air crashes] as being thrilling is considered taboo. Experiences and memories of thrill are displaced by the horrors of human tragedy. Thoughts of thrill are only reintroduced at a ‘respectful’ later date through sanitised stories of heroism. But what if the emotion of thrill prevailed, and the act of creation were nurtured beyond the moment of fusion? Airphoria explores one possible alternative.”

I screamed like a girl and lost my hat. Awesome.

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Clever camera product/service design from Leica:

“Leica fanatics are different than regular people, so it’s no surprise Leica’s taking an entirely different—but brilliant—approach with its M8: It’s everlasting. Instead of dropping an M9 or M10, Leica is offering substantial upgrades to the M8 itself—mechanical and digital components, so it’ll slowly evolve into a new camera. The first package is a sapphire LCD screen, which can only be scratched by a diamond, plus a new, quieter, less shaky shutter, at a cost of around $1,800.”

From Gizmodo

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Spooky service design… “as of December Boston-based ScientificMatch is using DNA to assess personal chemistry for dating purposes”


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ci desk - This is what we need at work! 1 each. They’re so cute.

via szymon

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