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People and Participation Online

"An interactive tool which helps those seeking to engage with the public to select participatory methods based on their specific circumstances. It provides a comprehensive methods database, covering traditional and innovative approaches to public participation from around the world and a selection of case studies,enabling site users to post their own stories to inspire others."
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Very Interesting Online Service Design Tool

"Successful Product Service System (PSS) innovation asks for a strategy that focuses on designing and selling an interconnected system of products and services. Methodology for PSS (MEPSS) helps you to think ‘outside the box’ and actively use visualisation, analysis and stakeholder management in your design process." Lots to examine here... Link
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More evidence from Paul Isakon (via) that the marketeers are moving quickly into a service design space, through their the digital shops. As Jeff Hicks of Crispin Porter + Bogusky says: “We think the future of advertising is great products that have marketing embedded in them.” Result!

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The end of service?

Time magazine says that this year its the end for customer service. They tell us that "Only now are technology and public sentiment aligning to truly shift the responsibility of collecting goods and services to the consumer". I, of course, disagree - but I'll throw my hat in the ring and say that 2008 is the year that we start to see people realising  they don't have to put up with badly designed customer service anymore.

Bruce Temkin has some thoughts on the article too:

Customer service will never go away because:

  1. 1. Some interactions are too emotional
  2. 2. Some topics are too complicated
  3. 3. Some self-service is not easy to use
  4. 4. Some people can’t self-serve
  5. 5. Some people don’t want to self-serve

Simple and sensible. Great stuff Bruce! I like his conclusion too: "The bottom line: Don’t trash your customer service agents, embrace them."

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Service is Everything

Interesting interview with Hartmut Ostrowski, the new CEO of Bertelsmann in the Economist  this week called 'Service is Everything'.

I really like the strapline: "Hartmut Ostrowski has a simple answer to the woes of traditional media: expand into a different field entirely." What a strategy! It goes on to outline how Ostrowski plans to transform the media group into a generic 'services' organisation:

"In 1992 Hartmut Ostrowski, head of a little-known services division at Bertelsmann, did a deal with Lufthansa to take charge of some of the airline's back-office functions. He signed the contract without asking his bosses' permission. Some months later Bertelsmann's chief executive, Mark Woessner, asked about the deal. Mr Ostrowski explained, only to be scolded and reminded that Bertelsmann was in media, not services—and certainly did not serve airlines. “Then I told him how much money Arvato made,” says Mr Ostrowski, “and he said ‘Carry on, but don't say much to anyone about it.'”

Its a kind of service design by stealth - I particularly like how opportunistic and incremental the whole move into services seems to be. They've realised that while everyone else gets stressed working out how to make money from online media (and not just search a la Google) they can turn a tidy profit providing the back office services that make them run - They even sort out payments for Google Ad-Words customers!
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(This doesn't come along very often) - IDEO London seeks service design content lead
Background / Experience: * a systemic thinker * a visual thinker * a clear and articulate communicator * a team leader with proven track record of leading multi disciplinary design teams * service industry experience and/or consultancy experience * (any combination of Financial Services; Telcos; Energy; Retail; Hospitality) * academic qualifications could be in communications, industrial, graphic, or architecture design * knowledge of the branding world is a plus

Head over to their job board...

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Two new service design presentations

Two new service design presentations from Oliver - The slides he gave at the CIID Service Design Symposium, and another (I think more interesting) deck from the Scottish Tourism Conference. In the Scottish item he also runs thorgh 11 practical things to do to delive great services. Check it out.

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More service design thinking from CIID... Bill, Bill and Shelly on video.
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When our online service channels fail to meet the needs of our customers, if we’re lucky, customers will resort to an alternative channel to get the assistance they need. In doing so, our customers offer us the potential of gaining rich insights into their needs and mental models. Feedback forms, complaints, call center logs—all of these tell us valuable information about customers’ failed interactions [...] We minimize the risk of a complete failure by using iterative design methods and carrying out usability testing at various stages of the implementation

An interesting article from UX Matters on incorporating customer feedback into iterative multi channel service designs for contact centres and websites. This is something we've done with Sky.

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