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Two Perspectives on Managing the Customer Experience by Ryan Freitas
April 30th, 2008 / Trackback

Engine Service Design Podcast

Joe discusses new challenges for service design and designers in this podcast recorded during in a presentation at Glasgow School of Art
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The Customer Playbook: Treating Customers Like a Football!

"When the Ace Hardware store in Cape Coral, Fla., gets hectic, Linda Gillard takes on the role of customer coordinator, known around the $3.8 billion hardware cooperative as a "customer quarterback."

This new position, which Ace has started adding to all of its 4,600 U.S. stores this year, only comes into play when traffic is heavy, and it has just one goal: helping customers. Gillard talks to incoming shoppers, analyzes their body language, and decides whether each one is a browser, a mission shopper with no time for small talk, or someone gearing up for a project. Then she calls the play. Using an earpiece, she radios ahead so the right expert is waiting when the customer gets to the aisle. Just looking? The team gets a warning: "We have a browser who doesn't need any assistance. Give them 5 or 10 minutes before you ask if they need help."

Serious customer centricity at Ace Hardware, from Business Week.
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Sydney University now offering Service Design modules...

Service Design
"The future of business is the delivery of customised experiences. This future depends upon design, on the expert ability to visualise and plan interactions. This specialisation puts designers in the driving seat of a major economic shift now underway. It shows designers how to shift from product development to service innovation through techniques like experience notation, service blueprinting and touchpoint management. This is the first service design degree program in Australia."

Great stuff - There's not many courses overtly offering service design as a competence. Link to press release
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Jeneanne Rae talks Service Innovation

"For more than a dozen years, Jeneanne's career in innovation and design was focused on product-based companies. However, current trends suggest that in the future discrete products will merely enable what customers readily pay premium prices for today, that is: services and experiences."

Link to video
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Goal Directed Service Design

"Most people think of Goal-Directed Design techniques as focused on product design, but they work equally well for services."

Link to the article by Chris Noessel of Cooper
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Another service design opening at IDEO

This time its in Chicago. I wonder if this mean's that Fran Samalionis is leaving? I really like the difficulty they had in assigning the job to an AIGA category - the job description reads:

Job Level: Senior Staff
Field: Graphic Design
Job Functions: Art Direction, Branding & Corporate Identity, Creative Direction, Design, Packaging, Product Development, Project Management, Strategy & Planning

Brilliant - further evidence that service designers are breaking the T-Shaped designer myth wide open. Anyone who can do all that must clearly be viaduct shaped or something... 

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Zingerman's service design wins 37 signals heart

37 signals has a Good Company post on Zingermans, where they outline the principles that make them a great service business:
  • They are great editors
  • They let you taste stuff
  • They have fun
  • They teach the Zingerman’s way
  • They’re curious
  • They’ve taken their time

Check it out, lots of links and comments too...
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