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picture-170m.png No idea what this company called EGO really does as the website's in Finnish - but this awesome drawing of a service design project process hints at something interesting! Via Marc
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Huge volume of service design, strategy and management ideas from IBM and others

I just came across the Service Research and Innovation Community, a significant online effort from IBM, Oracle and others. There's papers to download and conversations to join. The site is divided up into four key areas:

Customers and Markets

"Service industries account for the majority of jobs, gross domestic product, and exports in the global economy. The definition of quality service differs from industry to industry, market segment to market segment, and in some cases, from customer to customer. Engage with a community focused on the importance of service markets (segment size, growth rate, and profitability) and how customers evaluate the benefits and value of services."

Service Operations, Excellence and Innovation

"Technological innovation is one of the major driving forces that improves the year-over-year productivity increases of service system operations, and is therefore responsible for significant profit gains in the service sector. Members are encourage to not only explore but to engage by posting content and seek people and knowledge to uncover key performance indicators associated with lean service system operations, human capital management processes and the types of innovations that most positively impact those measures, including self-service technologies."

Service Business Strategy and Governance

"Which service business models are most profitable as markets expand? How should firms invest to improve value propositions to customers as well as the governance mechanisms that coordinate partners, regulators, and other stakeholders? If these questions apply—or you have innovative ideas on service business strategy and governance, we ask that you weigh in to identify business strategy and governance issues that impact the dynamics of service value networks."

Government and University Programs

"Service innovation is rapidly becoming a priority for industry, government and academia. Stakeholders must work closely together to create programs and drive investment required to develop the service science, management, engineering, design expertise and knowledge needed for the migrating 21st century workforce. We invite you to connect with people, access/post content and discover government/university programs in this forum. We strive to make these resources valuable to your initiatives, but nothing will substitute for active community collaboration where individual and organizational perspectives, knowledge and experiences are shared and discussed."

Lots to digest... A good place to start might be with this publication I highlighted earlier in the week. It's a lot more manageable!

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Adaptive Path Create a 'Sketchboard'. A lovely example of the power of video to quickly communicate the power of design-led methods. As with most design methods, the key here is to sketch, draw, make things visual. The video shows that to lovely effect!

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Harvard Business Review Editor Gets all Service Design

"In an era marked by generally lower service standards in all kinds of industries, I had a singular encounter last week with a genuine service missionary named John..." Link
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There is still one frontier that remains wide open: experience innovation. This is the only type of business innovation that is not imitable, nor can it be commoditized, because it is born from the specific needs and desires of your customers and is a unique expression of your company's DNA. Yet the design of an experience is often overlooked in the rush to market.
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It is often reported that securing a new customer costs eight to 10 times what it takes to retain a customer. Equally often, you hear that a happy person tells a few people and an unhappy person puts you on YouTube. It simply makes sense to focus on customer service.
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