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The Service Revolution - Report from Deloitte

"There has been a clear migration toward service offerings, a shift sparked by products rapidly becoming commodities and by growth in the number of customer “touchpoints” over the lifetime of a manufactured product. The shift applies to consumer goods as well as to industrial products, and to complex industrial machining centers and commercial refrigeration units as much as to vacuum cleaners. The sale transaction is essentially just one touchpoint on a continuum of potential interactions between producer and customer, and an early one at that. At its root, the basis of competition is shifting toward the ability to drive business performance through excellence in service and parts management." Link

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Public service design ideas

The Open Media Network. A large, and very interesting site exploring new ideas for 'public service publishing.' Lots of viewpoints and ideas, as well as examples of possible service designs. It will be interesting to see what comes of this - there's a video with an overview too, but bizarrely for a site thats about 'open media' etc, they don't let you embed it! A classic case of me too-ism from some commisioners that super-ironically don't get it, or a brave step in a new direction?
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Health Service Design

"The Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, Tekes, is directing significant investments into the comprehensive revamping of the social and health care service system and the extensive development of the sector. A new programme to be launched in June is being managed in cooperation with sponsors participating in the development of social and health care." Link
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News Service Design from Fox

"Chicago’s Fox affiliate WFLD has launched AirFox Live, a mashup whose spec list reads like a technophile’s pipe dream. The site combines a helicopter, GPS, live video, and Google Maps to produce a realtime data stream of the network’s newscopter that serves as uniquely informative eye-candy."

Online, offline, time specific, awesome. from
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Co-designing public services in Bucks

You can read more about the project in the case study, and you can download copies of the Shape methodology and the HealthConnect service vision.

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People want more active, participatory relationships with their governments and greater involvement in the decision-making that drives the public services affecting their lives. They want a greater say so they can become 'co-producers' of public-service value in collaboration with not just government agencies, but also private businesses and nonprofit organizations.
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