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Archive of May 2008

Service Innovation Podcast

"IBM's chief service researcher discusses the findings of a new survey, conducted with the University of Cambridge, charting the evolution of service innovation and laying out recommendations for businesses and universities seeking to innovate."
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Using extreme users to get ideas for the rest of us

Business Week has some insights from Peter Coughlan on using extreme users to push the research envelop:

"Coughlan said IDEO had done this at one point when it was working with a maker of toothpaste. “We wanted to look at extreme oral care users, so we found people without out teeth,” he said, to laughs. “At the other end of the spectrum, there was a person who had seven types of toothpaste and used them at different times of days. It sounds extreme but yielded incredible insights about flavor, consistency, and so on.”"

A lovely approach, but its often hard to find the extremists amongst us.
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