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Service Design, the movie!

Steve and Tamsin made this film for Birmingham City University as part of the Service by Design programme I designed with Oliver. There's a public sector project case study, and a look at Engine's work with Virgin Atlantic, as well as thoughts on the broader principles behind a service design approach.

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bicphone.jpg Not really service design, but certainly some interesting thinking about brand extension. Read more at Springwise
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HCI and the Analysis, Design, and Evaluation of Services

A workshop will being held at Cambridge University in September to:
  • to bring together researchers and practitioners to better inform both research and practice into Service Design
  • to explore in more depth the relationships between HCI (and its manifestations such as Interaction Design, User experience) and Service Design
  • to bring together people in different disciplines to discuss and address HCI issues in relation to Service Design; and Service Design issues in relation to HCI;
  • to explore the wider implications of Service Design.
  • to start to build a community of people with interests in the areas.

  • Link to Cambridge university website
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    Bruce Temkin has published the 6 laws of customer experience

    Read it here. Some bits I like:

    Nice quote:
    "Don't sell things, help customers buy them."

    Clear point:
    "While it may be difficult to agree on overall priorities and strategies, it's much easier to agree on the best way to treat customers"

    On Training:
    "Don't under-spend on training. You can't just change some business rules and processes and hope that customers will be treated better. Just about any change to customer experience requires some employees to change what they do and how they do it. So don't skimp on the training effort."

    The power of 3:
    "Don’t hide behind a 4th priority. While it’s possible to come up with a long list of priorities, there’s no way that many will get a great deal of attention. A good rule of thumb: Anything below your 3rd priority is not a priority at all. So make customer experience one of your top 3 priorities."

    Why marketing is broken in todays transparent world:
    "Advertise to reinforce, not create positioning. Since customers ultimately know how you treat them, the best you can do with marketing is to reinforce the truth. If you want to change how you are perceived, then start by treating customers better; and then use advertising to reinforce the new way that they’re being treated."
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    Go Goldsmiths!

    "Goldsmiths University graduate Oliver Bishop-Young presented two projects about skips at New Designers in London earlier this month." From Dezeen
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    Zeus Jones on the challenges of service marketing

    "In the same way that monolithic, singularly-focused brand models are losing relevance, so too are homogeneous brand targeting models. I think that we desperately need some new thinking around targeting that doesn't try to separate people out into discrete groups who all think, act, behave and buy alike."
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