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Service design is the new buzz phrase. Get service design right and much follows in a service-orientated economy like Ireland. The nature of service design, what it is and how to go about it, though, is little understood. There wasn't a book he could pick up, a guru he could quote in committee. Service designers in public sector organisations face different pressures from those in the commercial sector. If you work for a company, then you know poor service or poor processes eventually lead to a fall in sales and profits, and have an immediate knock-on effect throughout a company. Improve quality and sales and profits go up. Everybody is happy. Theoretically.
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Design Connexity at Aberdeen University

"The European Academy of Design and Gray’s School of Art, The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland, invite you to the Eighth International Design Conference. The conference offers a forum for design academics, researchers, practitioners and industry representatives to meet, exchange ideas and share new knowledge and insights across the field of design. "
"Service Design: Service design is concerned with both the tangible and intangible. It may be concerned with human interactions within systems, environments, communication and social interactions between people and organizations. It requires designers to question existing assumptions, undertake close observation of environments, provide diagnostic assessments and envisage new solutions. It has been applied in areas such as information services, health and education. This theme invites papers that provide insights into the application of service design that offer new solutions to tangible problems."
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I know it's obvious that engaging our customers in a conversation is amazingly powerful for a business. And indeed, we have been listening and talking with customers for a long time. But, in the past few years Nokia has been turning down the activity of its 'mass' communications and is turning up the activities of its 'conversational' communications. Ranging for product co-creation to sites like Nokia Conversations, Nokia is participating in the conversation.
Nokia Conversations: Co-creation and conversations
Nokia's Comms team gets personal and co-creative...
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Service Design Network Newsletter - Issue 1

The Service Design Network has published its first newsletter with lots of Engine content. Check out all the goss in the SD parlour...
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The Times picks up Co-design!

The Times has published an article about the Demos co-design publication. It's great to see these topics getting more mainstream publicity, now how about a more serious review of service design...
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The role of time in service and system design

Excellent, thoughtful piece from Mark Ury on the role of time in the design of systems and services: "... an industry of “innovators” have stepped up to insulate (and incubate) the process [of system innovation]. Ethnographers look for “unmet needs.” Boardrooms are riddled with pathway analyses to demonstrate inflection points. Prototypes are built and iterated. The goal: jumpstart the process and out-innovate the innovators. But, like asking a friend for feedback on an unfinished manuscript, the interactions simply create more opinions. (“I think the character would do this.”) Occasionally, as IDEO did with Palm, a new product emerges from “design thinking.” It toddles along for a bit until someone like [Steve] Jobs—waiting a long, long time in the shadows—crushes it." Link to article
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