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A certain kind of kid suffers from a deficit of nothing all year long, and now, it seems, even summer camps don’t supply it.
— The NY Times wishes for a simpler time, when everything wasn't specifically designed to hold your attention - even as a kid on summer camp Big City - A Place and an Era in Which Time Could Stand Still -
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Lucy Kimball is designing business

Lucy Kimball has posted what is hopefully the first in a series on her 2008 MBA elective course 'Design Leadership' that she teaches at the SAID business school. She reports that Chris Downs will be a guest speaker, and the MBA's will be taught about service design methods such as service blueprinting.

Interestingly, there's no mention of teaching 'design management' - the DM approach seems to be increasingly passed up as a method for talking to business people about design; its now about 'design thinking'. i.e - successful business people (including Kimball's MBA's) are no longer being taught how to manage designers, they're being taught to be designers.
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Samsung unboxing UX includes a small marching band. Lovely. Via Core77
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insingershoebox.jpg "Realizing that many of its wealthy clients lack the time or patience to deal with their personal finances, Amsterdam-based private bank Insinger de Beaufort launched a new service that takes finances back to the basics: a shoebox.

After sitting down with their private banker to discuss financial planning, Insinger's clients are sent a big shoebox by courier every month. They drop anything admin-related into the box: bills to be paid, bank statements, receipts, tax returns, speeding tickets, insurance documents, etc. At the end of the month, Insinger sends a courier to pick up the box, and then processes its contents. Clients are sent a complete overview of actions and transactions within three business days, after which the bank takes care of the entire follow-up process, including paying bills, filing tax returns and processing business expenses."

Via Springwise
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New More New

New super site from IDEO - packed full of interesting stuff. Feeling envious of their resources (and talent), I love how open they are about the content and the approach. This site says Confident.

New site from Live|Work - More interesting stuff than they had previously, but this comes just months after a long awaited redesign, and it feels like a step back in terms of design quality. Nonetheless, great to see more case studies and a bit more about how they work. I also notice they've closed their Newcastle office.

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Redjotter blog

Lauren Currie is writing an excellent blog about her experience of working at service deign agency Design Thinkers over in Amsterdam.

Lauren graduated from the Innovative Product Design course in Dundee this year. Her final product design was an online service design called Douceurs. She's been good enough to send me her final year thesis 'An Exploration into the Evolving Field of Service Design' in which she interviews key design thinkers and service designers. Get in touch with her if you'd like to read it - its not available for general circulation.

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picture-2o0z.png I've been selected to take art in the 2008 RSA/RDI summer school - I'm super excited, and I'll report back on what we get up to. Can't wait!
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c94a5225f3.gif Arne emailed me about this Service Design conference - looks exciting, looking forward to the results...
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