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Archive of September 2008

Amazing piece of first person data visualisation, that gives a genuinely fresh perspective on information we're boringly familiar with: House prices. A roller coaster brings to life the changes in house prices over the past hundred years or so on the states. Be sure to watch it to the end (2007). Makes you very aware of how far we have to fall... Via Good Experience
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Jeff's Back!

Phew. I thought he'd gone for good - Jeff's blog Design for Service is probably the best personal blog on service design around, and his well known research archive is great too. Welcome back Jeff!
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adaajp01large.gif Beautiful process visualisation from John Passafiume. Wow. More of his work and other really inspiring print projects at the Adobe Design Achievement Awards over at Speak Up
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Lavrans Lovlie of Live|work talks about service usability, designing the street car service and the significant return on investment in the project at the service design symposium at CIID
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200.jpg Live|work MD tells us about his day of managing service design Most interesting fact - He starts work at 5.30 am. Woah!
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Tim Brown has a new blog about design thinking

He says: "This is a blog about design thinking. I am in the process of writing a book on the subject and this is the place I would like to share ideas and have a discussion." Read it for yourself. Via Core
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The aspects of things that are important for us are hidden because of their simplicity and familiarity
— Ludwig Wittgenstein via
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