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The Design Council is Designing Public Services

The Design Council is launching a new initiative to design better public services. Colleagues of mine went to a workshop at the DC recently to take part in a workshop, which the Design Council has now made into a short film. Check it out on their site - no embeds for them - so I had to grab this flattering screenshot of DC CEO David Kester.

Picture 10
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hsbcinflight.jpg HSBC is offering customers at Heathrow T1 a print-and-bind-on-demand-customised-in flight-magazine. Cool. Read more at Springwise
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Service and STEM

The Royal Society has opened a study on the role of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) in services sector innovation. I assisted in the call for evidence by taking part in a phone interview for the report. The agenda setting workshop is tomorrow, but unfortunately I've had to pull out due to client work. This looks to be a very interesting report when its published - I'll keep you up to date.
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Service Design Network Conference - Twitter takes you there! (Kind of)

The Service Design Network Conference has kicked off today. I'm not there, but I'm following it via Twitter... Alex Nisbett, Rory Hamilton and Marc Fonteijn are my leads at present. If anyone else is tweeting, please let me know on twitter.

#sdnc08 the crowd
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Service Design at the Movies

Charley Bush and Kathy Hwang are thinking about the user experience of going to the cinema...

"When was the last time you went the movies? Was it an experience worth remembering? The movie theater industry has been facing stagnating revenues for a while now. So why have industry players continued to put little effort into innovations that will improve the user experience?

We think that walking into a theater should feel a lot more like an immersive experience and less like waiting in line to get onto a United Airlines flight. We’ve looked around the world and found some interesting examples of how movie theater designers have attempted to pave the way in this arena over the years."
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picture-53ar.png Manchester Business School has published a report on innovation in services Download the pdf here.
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Co-op uses chip and pin pads to gather customer feedback

At a workshop yesterday somebody mentioned that the co-op has started using the chip and pin pads used for debit card payments to gather customer feedback. What a good idea.

Lawrence Freeman, the Co-operative groups development manager tells us "Extending the functionality on our POS payment terminals to gather customer feedback has been an extremely successful and satisfying project. Low cost and high impact, it's delivered all you could hope for from a project."

The system is super flexible, and they can now quickly deploy different questions across their network (the basic questions, I assume, is 'did you have good service today?') - allowing them to ask seasonally relevant questions, integrate promotions and so on. Because its the co-op, and they do well by doing good, they'll soon be using the system to ask customers which good causes their customers would like them to support. Love it. It reminds me of an even simpler, lower cost, quicker win, better value version of the Frogmetrics survey tool.
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Steve Portigal on Design research

Some great slides on the relationship between research and design by Steve Portigal. All very sensible stuff. I absolutely love this image of a design process:
Picture 3
Slides below:
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