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Service Innovation: Even the milkman's at it

This nice little piece of service innovation come through our letter box at Engine the other day. Milk&more.

They say:

We understand the milkman’s role in the community is still as relevant and as important as ever and you can trust us to deliver top quality produce along with your milk.

Now we’ve made it even easier for you by providing an online service that is more convenient and flexible than ever. We offer a great range of products including lunchbox essentials, cereals, juices, household products, organic produce and much more; all delivered by your local milkman.

We deliver your milk in glass bottles and over half our vehicles are electric so using milk&more is one more thing you can do to help the environment.

Visit them online to find out more.
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picture-15.png Pink Service Design is another new service design firm in America with a cryptically small amount of info. Even less than these guys, and a silly name to boot, still, the more the merrier!

UPDATE Lauren has interviewed one of the founder of Pink
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picture-14.png Interesting report (Pdf) from TEKES (The Finnish Government's R&D quango) on the need to be bold in reforming public services and redesigning service delivery for changing healthcare needs in the coming years.
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Networked Innovation Lessons

Sophia Parker has published her 10 lessons for networked innovation, developed for a NESTA sponsored report into the RSA.

  • Start with relationships, not transactions
  • Be clear about the invitation
  • People need to be seen and heard
  • Follow exciting leads
  • Understand an online presence as integral to the mission
  • Understand patterns of participation
  • Not every networked idea is a good idea, or appropriate
  • Revel in reflected glory
  • Let networked innovation models change the hierarchy
  • Don’t lose the human touch when going to scale

Although she talks about 'networked innovation' these are equally applicable to service innovation exercises. Read Sophia's thoughts in more detail in the report.
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Burger King Marketing as Service Thing

This is great from Didn't See That Coming:

Can’t figure out who half the people on your Facebook friend list are? Feeling sadistic and want to burn an ex in effigy? Or just really hungry and want a free Whopper?

Head to Burger King’s Whopper Sacrifice app and chuck 10 of your friends to the curb, and they’ll reward you with a free whopper.

Some people seem to be doubting this, but I can confirm this app is not a spoof, it does actually delete your friends (don’t worry, it goes out of its way to make this clear).

Read the whole piece here. Surely another CP+B piece. They just keep 'em coming - the meat bodyspray was equally brilliant.
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It is the business of the future to be dangerous
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Frontier Service Design

This new service design firm just popped onto my radar

They say: Service design is an innovative way to identify, build and launch new services around business opportunities that yield new sources of revenue for an organization. By combining disciplines of business analysis, sociology, technology, user experience and usability, Frontier Service Design provides integrative thinking and actionable solutions for companies that want to increase or diversify their revenues. Service design is a well-defined discipline in Europe, but Frontier Service Design is the first firm in the United States to focus exclusively on this growing trend.

Bold claims. They have a blog, with some interesting bits and bobs, but a maddening lack of real information on their website. Where are the case studies, biographies and ideas! Lets wait and see...
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I am Public Service

Lauren points us to the I am Public Service Website.

"Do you perform a public service in your job, in your free time as a volunteer, or in any other capacity? If so, we would like to hear your story. Tell us your story and let’s inspire our nation through your spirit of service"

What a good idea. Here's a short video they've made:

I Am Public Service from on Vimeo.
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