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Archive of June 2009

Reflections on the Department of Health Innovation Expo

Joel has posted some interesting reflections on the recent Department for Health Innovation Expo. He asks/states:

  • Why does social care appear to be the poor cousin to health care?
  • Design: it's a chick thing. 60% of delegates were women, women are spearheading service design in the NHS. (This is true. Definitely)
  • Service design is a big deal. Darzi basically put it front and centre in his keynote.
  • Tele health is going to be big. Agree.

Check out his thoughts on his blog. Steve has also posted a review with some reflections of his own.
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Jen Bove from Kicker presents as part of Dot Dot Dot 'The service designers'. More videos on the mfa interaction design blog. Via Kate
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Two today!

Short vanity post - Choosenick (in blog form) is two today! Here's the first post. Prior to that, it was an Expression Engine powered portfolio site, and before that ... hand written html, of which the only record is now on my computer. Those were the days!
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Service Design Thanks!

Thanks to everyone who came down to service design drinks 4. It was great, nice to see some new faces, and to catch up with more regular service design drinkers! In no particular order, it was great to catch up with Arpit, Dan, Olly, Mayo, Gavin, Tamsin, Richard, Lauren, Jaimes, Melanie, Joel, Luke, Fergus, Tobie, Steve, Alex, Erick, amongst others - if I missed you or didn't say hi, sorry! Next time!

Speaking of next time, next time we'll use Eventbrite to coordinate and we'll have badges to identify us, which should make it easier to figure out who's there! Here's a few photos from Alex of the event - if anyone else took any, please let me know.
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Designing Behaviour Change

Dan Lockton has posted a long appraisal of Robert Fabricant's recent essay on design with intent for Frog design's online journal (which itself borrows a lot from Dan's thinking).

It's definitely worth reading in full, as it summarises much of Dan's thesis in a single post, which is great, and contains loads of links to lots of good further reading. Of course, there's much more to Dan's work, including loads of practical stuff.

Some of the best content is around the apparently uneasy relationship between user centred design and design for behaviour change - although Dan doesn't see a tension:

"I would argue that in cases where design with intent, or design for behaviour change, is aligned with what the user wants to achieve, it’s very much still user-centred design, whether enabling, motivating or constraining. It’s the best form of user-centred design, supporting a user’s goals while transforming his or her behaviour."

Anyway, check it out, and let Dan know if you're applying any of his thinking or tools in your service design work in the comments!
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