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Archive of November 2011

My friend Paul asked me to come and give a talk about Sidekick and our work at Cardiff Design Festival.

I like Paul, and I like Cardiff so I said yes. The deck below is a rapid fire, very simplified, summary of where my head is at the moment in terms of what 'startup as a process' is and can do.

The interesting bit, and the bit that needs developing a lot, is the bit about mixing the three different process styles of design-led, tech-led and business-led approaches to project leadership. For me, this is very exciting as it feels like genuine methodological innovation. Its not Design Thinking/Human-Centred Design. Its not Agile. Its not Customer Development. Its all three/four, rolled into one.

Anyway, check it out. Would love to get comments on twitter
November 1st, 2011 / Tags: design, innovation, startup / Trackback