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Admin post: New Disqus comments, further changes on the way

I've been playing around with the site over the weekend, and I've finally reinstalled Disqus comments, which you can see (and comment through) below every post. Sorry (and thank you) to the people who commented using the integrated comments I recently re-instated, but unfortunately your content has been lost in the move to Disqus (as I expected I was getting loads of spam with the Chyrp system.) The new Disqus powered system has loads of advantages though:

  • Threaded comments (comment on each others comments)
  • A comment rating system
  • Video comments (via seesmic)
  • Much better spam protection
  • A single forum on the Disqus site where everyone can view all the comments and notes

Please let me know via Twitter if you have any issues with this new system, or indeed any other ideas for changes and improvement to the content and structure of Choosenick. I'm going to be making further changes and upgrades to the site over the coming weeks (time permitting), and I've started to modify my sidebar content in the meantime, starting with adding my various feeds that I'm more and more active on.

As David Armano says, "long gone are the days that a site goes under construction. We're building airplanes in the sky!"
January 4th, 2009 / Tags: admin / Trackback / Comments

Admin Post: Comments re-enabled

I've re-enabled comments after several requests. I need to monitor how much spam I get. Ideally, I want to put Disqus comments on the site as I had on my old Tumblr account, but I'm having all sorts of tech issues with my sever. Will update when its sorted out.
December 6th, 2008 / Tags: admin / Trackback / Comments