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Zeus Jones on the barbarians at the gate...

More thoughtful thinking from Zeus Jones on the steady advance of the marketing department into all areas of the enterprise in relentless pursuit of the 'service logic' business strategy.

An interesting quote I pulled out from Service Management and Marketing: Customer Management in Service yesterday sums this up nicely: "Marketing is the last great unreformed business practice." Service design implicitly understands this, and because it puts people first it generally gets it right - unlike 'message' led approaches advocated by marketing comms agencies. To quote Zeus at length:

"One of the quotes that's been repeated to me most often was this from Alex Bogusky in a 2004 Money interview:

"Anything and everything is an ad."

Agencies of all kinds have used this as a rallying cry to expand their product and scope - giving them licence to present ideas which reach deeply into company operations. There's no doubt that this has created some very smart and impressive collaborations between clients and their agencies, and it's also raised general awareness of the marketing opportunities created by many different parts of a company's operations.

It's also led to heinous presentations (yes I've been there) where ignorant agency people present naive and (in some cases) damaging ideas which demonstrate their utter lack of understanding about a client's business and how that client makes money. This is not terribly surprising. Agency people aren't trained to run businesses, they are trained to create communications which help to achieve business goals. (Charitably, you could say the same dynamic is on display in the efforts of many clients who attempt to create communications.)

However, this trend has also backfired on the agency world, because if I am a client who realises "everything is an ad" and I can communicate by simply running my business then why should I hire an agency at all?"

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