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Service Design Network Conference - Blog Post Round Up

The Service Design Network conference in Amsterdam took place last week. I've read mixed reviews on the internet, and I thought I'd post a few of the links I've found here.

Firstly, here's the live tweet stream from hashtags. Lots of photos there too.

Around the blogosphere Nico Morelli has written a positive review of the event here, Lauren Currie posts an enthusiastic but skeptical response where she says 'We need to spend less time talking to ourselves and each other. There is still too many fruitless conversations spent defining disciplines and labeling people; it doesn’t matter how we define it. It is how we do it that counts!' Arne Van Oosterom of DesignThinkers is equally suspicious of all the definitions flying around.

Finally, if you can read Dutch (I can't), here's a long report about the conference on 'frankwatching' that my internet filters picked up. I'll update this post if there's any more content I pick up ...

Update Jamin Hegeman has written a thoughtful piece on his blog and Fabian has posted lots of pictures

Update 2 The guys at ThinkPublic have posted a detailed overview of their workshops with videos

Update 3 Marc at 31Volts has published lengthy highlights of Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 of the conference
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Service Design Network Conference - Twitter takes you there! (Kind of)

The Service Design Network Conference has kicked off today. I'm not there, but I'm following it via Twitter... Alex Nisbett, Rory Hamilton and Marc Fonteijn are my leads at present. If anyone else is tweeting, please let me know on twitter.

#sdnc08 the crowd
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