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Some really great online/offline sites/services I have enjoyed recently

Bit of a monster post here. I've been meaning to blog these for a while, and the guys at RISD have been going crazy with their favourite service design's so I had to join in.

First up, Fiat Eco:drive.

This is a fantastic concept by AKQA in collaboration with Fiat and Microsoft. There's so much good stuff here... Essentially Eco:drive is a combination of a piece of desktop software (with an online community thrown in) to help you drive more efficiently, a marketing campaign to help promote Fiat's eco credentials and a brilliant piece of product integration via a USB stick. Check out the cutesy animation. Lovely stuff, and very far sighted as this can only grow in popularity - all they have to do now is put a SIM card in the car and its a closed loop. Brilliant - and a whole bunch of Firsts too.

Fiat say: "Eco:drive is also the first step of a revolution; in fact, for the first time ever, a standard vehicle is connected with a PC and with the Web. It is also an innovative technology, but with an important social and educational objective: this is the first time that an automotive brand has launched an interactive technology that helps its customers improve their style of driving in order to save and to respect the environment" Great stuff guys.

Next up, ActionMethod. I include these guys just because of the lovely multi-channel graphic design.

Actionmethod screenshot

ActionMethod have a to-do list/project management/collaboration suite, but its their graphic design and typography that shines - look at that thin Din Mittleschrift. Excellent.

Next, Graze. A british firm, these guys deliver snacks to your desk. I like this because its Doing Well by Doing Good.

Graze screenshot

I haven't tried them out and I'm not sure if they'll make it through the economic tsunami, but again, I love the execution - the boxes are British letter box shaped and the photography reminds me of Postman Pat. Very nostalgic, just right for Autumn. Its the kind of thing my friends Mary and Zoe would do.

Finally, Lisapmaxwell. David Armano put me onto this and I love it. Lisapmaxwell are a PR firm in chicago, and they've put all the people in their office on the web, live, so you can have a conversation with any of them. Right now. Because that's their job - to talk to you and everyone else about their clients.

Lisapmaxwell screenshot

Again, clever idea, solid execution. I'm now following them on Twitter, which means I'll get all their PR stuff = a complete success of a site. Indeed, I now want to work there. What sites and services have you enjoyed/been envious of recently? Let me know on Twitter or Friendfeed.

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picture-170m.png No idea what this company called EGO really does as the website's in Finnish - but this awesome drawing of a service design project process hints at something interesting! Via Marc
April 20th, 2008 / Tags: servicedesign, diagram, justinteresting / Trackback / Comments

Post-it 2.0

"Ixp-Note is a new form of intelligent Post-It (TM) note. More than just a blank sticky note, the Ixp-Note allows the user to enter time and date of the future event. Using low cost electronic circuit printing technology, on paper,  the user  selects the time  and date via touching the printed scroll strip with the finger. The user then writes the event to remember on the glow strip, which will flash or sound at the chosen time. 

Any type of pen can be used to write the message. Ixp-Note uses low cost technology similar to musical and light-up greeting cards.  The technology is designed to be very simple and intuitive to use without the challenges of conventional reminder systems.

Ixp-Notes are designed to be used like normal Post-It pads but are also re-usable. They were originally designed for people with severe memory loss, e.g. Alzheimer's, but can be used all around the home and office. Battery life should be greater than one year."

Via Nadine

Don't forget to stay up to date with Real Live Post-It's at The Daily Post-It!
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cloakscan.jpg High Tech Coat Check - Interesting service design from the ever inspiring Spingwise:

"Who hasn’t checked their coat at a restaurant or other venue and worried about losing the claim ticket? London-based Idscan aims to put those worries to rest with a biometric cloakroom system that it claims is a world's first.

Cloakscan records a customer’s thumbprint via a small scanner, while a digital camera records the transaction. When customers return and touch the thumb-scanner once more, their pictures show up on a monitor, allowing the cloakroom attendant to verify their identity and quickly see where their valuables have been stored. Idscan explains that Cloakscan eases stress among customers and staff alike. Customers needn’t fear that a dropped claim ticket will be found and redeemed by someone else, while staff can use Cloakscan’s touchscreen monitor to log checked items faster and more accurately. Cloakscan even prints out reports if valuables do become lost, to aid in police or insurance investigations."

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Lessons from Sao Paulo

Paul Bennett writes in Ad-Week: "You've all heard about what happened in Sao Paulo right? That's where the mayor ordered all the billboards removed, saying they were "polluting" his city. What's left is an eerie ghost town with empty skeletal frames all over the place. But the interesting part is the city itself is filling the void. A colleague of mine told me about the graffiti - almost a human height-size layer that covers every surface with messages, images and symbols. There's even a guy who does these cool art installations in the sewers, adding a new dimension to the notion of "underground art." She described it as "Everyone talking, everywhere." Nice!
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Restaurant Service Design by Martino Gamper

The excellent Martino Gamper has designed a total Trattoria, specifying and desiging every single part of the restaurant experience - even the food!
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chronicler.jpg "Between a technological utopian vision of enhanced future lives, reality of longer life spans and imposing environmental risks, how do we continue evolving new frameworks around ‘work’ in the future?" Link
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What happens when you get a bunch of software developers and social innovators together, give them a set of social problems and only 48 hours to solve them? We’re going to find out. link
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