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PowerPoint Karaoke

"In a typical event, a few brave people volunteer to "present" a random deck of slides pulled off the Web, or borrowed from friends or employers. (I first heard about PowerPoint Karaoke when an organizer asked if she could use a deck I had presented on word meanings.) The audience laughs, cheers, and yells out suggestions as the presenters gamely struggle to link one slide to the next, transforming something that probably started life as a tedious corporate monologue into a five-minute flight of creative irony." Via the Boston Globe, Via Zeus Jones
March 5th, 2008 / Tags: justinteresting / Trackback / Comments

Emotional Systems Exhibition

More Experience Design, but this time via the art department:
"Are you happy, sad, excited? EMOTIONAL SYSTEMS invites you to look again at the relationship between the contemporary artist, the artwork and you, the viewer, in the light of the latest discoveries in the neurological sciences about the human brain and its effects on the emotions. The participating artists all work with different media. They have been chosen for the different ways in which their works emotionally affect the public, a process in which empathy often plays a significant role. You may find yourself being involved at many different emotional levels as you explore the multimedia installations, videos, digital animations, monumental paintings and other visual, audio and corporal experiences."
March 1st, 2008 / Tags: justinteresting / Trackback / Comments

We enjoy novelty that we understand
February 19th, 2008 / Tags: justinteresting / Trackback / Comments

Daily Post-it

I just set up DailyPost-it - but then I checked and it seems someone has beaten me to it. Nonetheless, I’ll persist for now. My Post-its will be different in that they will all be real Post-its used in the studio, and will all be united in their banality. Let’s see how it goes…
February 13th, 2008 / Tags: justinteresting / Trackback / Comments

CmlOu8ZUg5dp086scCIEEQEM_500.jpg Post it of the day
February 13th, 2008 / Tags: justinteresting / Trackback / Comments

CmlOu8ZUg5394zioViXpd4kb_500.gif Awesome Undersea Internet Cable Infographic via
February 6th, 2008 / Tags: justinteresting / Trackback / Comments

Brilliant Air Crash Experience!

Last night I went to Shunt with Steve, Davina and others. We actually went to see a great band play on the underground pirate ship, but that wasn’t the best bit - The best bit was the simulated air crash experience/scary zip line into a blinding light as part of a project called Airphoria, organised the talented chaps at Aerial. As they say on their website:

“…to acknowledge such incidents [air crashes] as being thrilling is considered taboo. Experiences and memories of thrill are displaced by the horrors of human tragedy. Thoughts of thrill are only reintroduced at a ‘respectful’ later date through sanitised stories of heroism. But what if the emotion of thrill prevailed, and the act of creation were nurtured beyond the moment of fusion? Airphoria explores one possible alternative.”

I screamed like a girl and lost my hat. Awesome.

February 3rd, 2008 / Tags: justinteresting, project, event / Trackback / Comments
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