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A brief guide to Service Design with Paul Thurston

An abridged version of the ‘Brief Guide to Service Design’ presentation that I gave with Paul Thurston from Thinkpublic is now online. This version is focused on connecting service design practice with UX practice (it was created for the guys at UX Brighton).

If you run an event and would like to discuss how a presentation similar to ‘A Brief Guide To Service Design’ could be tailored to your audience please get in touch.

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Steve Portigal on Design research

Some great slides on the relationship between research and design by Steve Portigal. All very sensible stuff. I absolutely love this image of a design process:
Picture 3
Slides below:
November 22nd, 2008 / Tags: presentation, research / Trackback / Comments

Mikkel Rasmussen of ReD Associates talks service design via CIID. He says: 

  • Service needs design
  • Designers tend to overestimate their business skills and underestimate their design skills
  • Forget brainstorming.
  • Design consequences.
  • Designers need to be better at designing business models.
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More evidence from Paul Isakon (via) that the marketeers are moving quickly into a service design space, through their the digital shops. As Jeff Hicks of Crispin Porter + Bogusky says: “We think the future of advertising is great products that have marketing embedded in them.” Result!

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Two new service design presentations

Two new service design presentations from Oliver - The slides he gave at the CIID Service Design Symposium, and another (I think more interesting) deck from the Scottish Tourism Conference. In the Scottish item he also runs thorgh 11 practical things to do to delive great services. Check it out.

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More service design thinking from CIID... Bill, Bill and Shelly on video.
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"The Four Core Elements of Service Strategy: Service Reliability Service Surprise Service Recovery Service Fairness"
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Mark Jones offers tips for Service Innovation from IDEO. Some of the highlights:
•Seek out the unexpected
•Look outside your industry
•Look at their entire lives and see how you can create a meaningful role for your service
•Examine the ecology around your service
•Prototype early to see how far you can stretch
•Prototype to tease out the implications for feasibility and viability as well as desirability
•Communicate a vision of how your organization will connect with their customers
•Inspire your organization to align along a vision of where they could go
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via Schulze & Webb.

Great presentation on ‘the internet as movement’

February 9th, 2008 / Tags: presentation / Trackback / Comments

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