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Shelly Evenson on Service System Frameworks - “The frameworks that conciously connect service touchpoints.” At the Design Research Conference.
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How to Lie with Design Research. Nice contrast to this.
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Interesting talk from STBY research

We had an interesting Friday Friday session with Geke van Dijk and Bas Raijmakers from STBY research. Bas showed us some video anthropology from his Design Documentaries phd thesis, and left us with a lovely poster!

From Bas’s site:

“Design documentaries are a new, visual method to discover what matters to people. They inform and inspire design processes at early stages. The method emerged from my exploratory filmmaking practice, influenced by documentary film ideas and techniques.

Design documentaries present the perspectives of people behind and in front of the camera in conversation with each other. The filmmaking is the research and the films present these conversations. Design documentaries invite design teams to join and continue these conversations in the design process.”

I always find that its the translation space between research and design that determines the sucess of design research activities, and its great to see two research Phd’s be so upfront about the need to empathise with designers, and indeed borrow from design practice in preparing research briefs - They were confidant that their experience would always enable them to know if they were doing design or research, and it’s this confidence that is crucial to sucessful translation.

As Bas puts it, successful (i.e appropriately inspirational) design documentaries are a mixture of observation, compliation, intervetion and performance.

Bas showed us design documentaries made for a team at Philips Medical Systems that were designing personal heart monitoring products and supporting services. The films were moving, inspirational and very short - He mentioned that the optimum time for video research as inspiration is probably under three minutes. Anything more than that and designers start to get fidgety as they’re having ideas they want to share - this is certainly true for me!

It also turned out that Bas had worked with Nadine, whilst doing his phd at Goldsmiths with the Interaction Research team. Small world! I hope we can do some work together in the future, video is certainly an area we’re ptting a lot of resources and effort into at the moment…

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