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Two non-design service design books every service designer should read

Inspired by Jeff's recent post on the best books in the service design library, I thought I'd share these two - New Service Development and Innovation in the New Economy and From Products to Services: Insights and experiences from companies which have embraced the service economy.

Both these books are written by 'non-designer' service designers and both are essential reading for 'design led' service designers. They provide whistle stop tours of 'the other' side to service design - i.e the side that's not full of designers and marketers going on about user-centred-experience-design-touchpoints-over-time-etc.

Laurie Young's book, From products to Services, is clearly and concisely written and gives a wide overview of the workings of service focussed businesses. It's not the most exciting read, but what it lacks in sensationalism it makes up for in sensible, clear ideas. This is not a one hit wonder business book full of anecdotes - instead its a practical how-to guide for delivering change within service businesses (or businesses that are getting into services).

It sets out in plain language many of principles and practices around the internal workings of service organisations that design schools just don't teach you about. HR, operations, service marketing and the important differences between service business units and other business functions. Illustrated with lots of case studies and many useful diagrams, this is the best business book I've read in ages, and definitely the most directly useful to my practice - unlike many trendier pop business books, which tend to be more generally inspirational and have made their only real point by the end of the first chapter. Readable and relevant.

Edvardsson et al's book is tougher going than Laurie Young's. But, despite the donnish language and dense copy its a great tour de force of the wide range of new service development techniques employed by companies, with a particular focus on how the digital economy has changed the economics of service. The authors introduce lots of design management and new product development concepts that most designers will be unaware of, and then start exploring how their application to the design of services changes their structure and features. Again, lots of case studies and engaging powerpoint style diagrams give you something to latch on to - my copy bristles with post-its and I've referred to it many times during projects.

Both books are practical, clear, and provide lots of ideas that you don't hear about in the design studio - get 'em now!
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Innovaro Briefing on Service Innovation

Innovaro, the innovation consulting firm have an in depth (and very, very wordy) monthly newsletter that I enjoy. This month they're focusing on service innovation. From the newsletter:

Service innovation is fast becoming the most interesting and successful area of innovation for businesses. Now accounting for 70% of the aggregate production and employment in OECD nations, service innovation is widely seen as critical for longer-term growth and prosperity. While the economic downturn has hit some parts of the services sector very hard, it is clear that the trend towards service domination in the major economies is here to stay. The ageing population will have a greater need for social and health services; both the obese and the health conscious sections of society will drive an increase in wellness and nutrition services; and the opening up of all levels of education will drive innovation in the provision of teaching and learning.These are just three drivers of growth in the service sector.

Of course this growth in services and service innovation is not just a function of the demand-side trends but also a reflection of the new paradigm of technological advance that allows for new and innovative service developments including location-based services, real-time access to a raft of data sources, and quicker and more powerful communications. So, it is a combination of the consumer demand for more and better services and the ability of the market to provide them through technological progress that has driven this area of innovation. That said, although service innovation is now an important part of top companies' competitive strategies, it is relatively underexplored compared to the attention given over the years to product and process innovation. This is something which we seek to redress in this briefing.

There's lots of depth, including Innovaro's 'Service Innovation Model' (a.k.a a nice diagram.) You can sign up for the newsletter by emailiing your email address to They also have a blog, where I assume they will publish the service innovation briefing at a later date.
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Designing for Services - Multidisciplinary Perspectives

Lucy Kimball has been running the 'Designing for Services' project, exploring the relationship between service design and science and technology enterprises for some time now. She's a big Design Thinking advocate, and I've always enjoyed the supporting blog. The project has now concluded, and she's put together an absolute monster of an essay collection that captures some of the stories and theories to emerge from the project which involved numerous academics, three technology companies and consultants from IDEO, Live|work and Radar Station

Download the pdf here. Hat tip to AT-ONE for finding this (Although I just spotted it on Putting People First, Arne's site, Lauren's, Lucy's and Liveworks. Looks like I was a bit late to this party!)
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Redjotter blog

Lauren Currie is writing an excellent blog about her experience of working at service deign agency Design Thinkers over in Amsterdam.

Lauren graduated from the Innovative Product Design course in Dundee this year. Her final product design was an online service design called Douceurs. She's been good enough to send me her final year thesis 'An Exploration into the Evolving Field of Service Design' in which she interviews key design thinkers and service designers. Get in touch with her if you'd like to read it - its not available for general circulation.

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Taking Services Seriously: New report from NESTA

NESTA has published a research report called 'Taking Services Seriously: How Policy can stimulate 'hidden innovation' in the UK's services economy.' 

From their website: "Services have not yet been properly incorporated into our mechanisms for stimulating and supporting innovation. Even our current methods of measuring innovation often under-represent innovation in services. This is one aspect of what we call ‘hidden innovation’... This report examines how we can help our services firms to become more innovative and more productive. We think that it provides significant new evidence for policymakers and should prompt a new phase in the discussion on innovation in services".

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Huge volume of service design, strategy and management ideas from IBM and others

I just came across the Service Research and Innovation Community, a significant online effort from IBM, Oracle and others. There's papers to download and conversations to join. The site is divided up into four key areas:

Customers and Markets

"Service industries account for the majority of jobs, gross domestic product, and exports in the global economy. The definition of quality service differs from industry to industry, market segment to market segment, and in some cases, from customer to customer. Engage with a community focused on the importance of service markets (segment size, growth rate, and profitability) and how customers evaluate the benefits and value of services."

Service Operations, Excellence and Innovation

"Technological innovation is one of the major driving forces that improves the year-over-year productivity increases of service system operations, and is therefore responsible for significant profit gains in the service sector. Members are encourage to not only explore but to engage by posting content and seek people and knowledge to uncover key performance indicators associated with lean service system operations, human capital management processes and the types of innovations that most positively impact those measures, including self-service technologies."

Service Business Strategy and Governance

"Which service business models are most profitable as markets expand? How should firms invest to improve value propositions to customers as well as the governance mechanisms that coordinate partners, regulators, and other stakeholders? If these questions apply—or you have innovative ideas on service business strategy and governance, we ask that you weigh in to identify business strategy and governance issues that impact the dynamics of service value networks."

Government and University Programs

"Service innovation is rapidly becoming a priority for industry, government and academia. Stakeholders must work closely together to create programs and drive investment required to develop the service science, management, engineering, design expertise and knowledge needed for the migrating 21st century workforce. We invite you to connect with people, access/post content and discover government/university programs in this forum. We strive to make these resources valuable to your initiatives, but nothing will substitute for active community collaboration where individual and organizational perspectives, knowledge and experiences are shared and discussed."

Lots to digest... A good place to start might be with this publication I highlighted earlier in the week. It's a lot more manageable!

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Publication Review: Concept Design

I've written a short review of 'Concept Design, How to solve complex challenges of our time’ by Jørgen Rosted, Tobias Lau, Casper Høgenhaven, Pernille Johansen. Some Key observations:

  • Demand side pressure will increase
  • Supply side pressure is the bottleneck
  • Differentiate the offer between concept design (doing projects) and innovation process design (building client capacity to do projects themselves)
  • New entrants create new competition
  • Integrate and specialise to succeed

Download the report for yourself here (17MB). Along with posting the review, I've also begun to update the writing section of the site. I'll keep you posted when there's more to check out.

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