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The end of service?

Time magazine says that this year its the end for customer service. They tell us that "Only now are technology and public sentiment aligning to truly shift the responsibility of collecting goods and services to the consumer". I, of course, disagree - but I'll throw my hat in the ring and say that 2008 is the year that we start to see people realising  they don't have to put up with badly designed customer service anymore.

Bruce Temkin has some thoughts on the article too:

Customer service will never go away because:

  1. 1. Some interactions are too emotional
  2. 2. Some topics are too complicated
  3. 3. Some self-service is not easy to use
  4. 4. Some people can’t self-serve
  5. 5. Some people don’t want to self-serve

Simple and sensible. Great stuff Bruce! I like his conclusion too: "The bottom line: Don’t trash your customer service agents, embrace them."

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Wow! Better Service Design through some serious maths from Milan Janic. Thanks to Joe for sending this my way. Download the pdf (600KB): "ASSESSMENT AND MANAGEMENT OF QUALITY OF SERVICE AT AN AIRPORT PASSENGER TERMINAL"
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Evidence, if any were needed, that we're firmly in the service century:
• “the U.S. now has more choreographers (16,340) than metal-casters (14,880)”
• “more people make their livings shuffling and dealing cards in casinos (82,960) than running lathes (65,840)”
• “there are almost three times as many security guards (1,004,130) as machinists (385,690)”
NYTimes, via
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heartmonitor3.jpg "Customer journey mapping is the process of tracking and describing all the experiences that customers have as they encounter a service or set of services, taking into account not only what happens to them, but also their responses to their experiences. Used well, it can reveal opportunities for improvement and innovation in that experience, acting as a strategic tool to ensure every interaction with the customer is as positive as it can be." Kind of via Jeff (although we actually bid to do this piece of work)
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Applied Empathy: A Design Framework for Human Needs and Desires

By Dirk Knemeyer "This third and final part of the series shows how this design framework maps to a variety of well-known products and experiences and illustrates how this framework can be put to practical use. [...] My friend Bob Baxley likes to say that the only true experience designers in history are Hugh Heffner, Walt Disney, and Steve Jobs. While Bob’s point is tongue-in-cheek, it underscores the reality that what so many people erroneously call experience design is really a highly complex symphony of interrelated experiences that operate together as a cohesive whole. Within the realm of human experiences there is a myriad of non-product experiences. " Link
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Towards a Science of Service Systems. (pdf download)

“The service sector accounts for most of the world’s economic activity, but it’s the least studied part of the economy. A service system comprises people and technologies that adaptively compute and adjust to a system’s changing value of knowledge. A science of service systems could provide theory and practice around service innovation.”

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