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More Geoff - Taking innovation in the public sector seriously

More Geoff! I’ve been reading a printed copy of this:

Ready or not? Taking innovation in the public sector seriously

“The public sector is often poor at innovation from within, and poor at learning from outside. It contains many innovative people but isn’t good at harnessing their talents and imagination.”

It’s excellent, download it now. A review is likely to come here when I get some time… Still working on the complete overhaul/integration of my site/blog into Chyrp though so it may be a few weeks!

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We believe that the time is ripe for a radical change to how we do service and how we think about it. We lack any institutions truly committed to service – to understanding it, promoting it, cultivating it. Hence the proposal for a Service Campus to act as a change agent across the public and private sectors.

The ever effusive polymath Geoff Mulgan outlines an exciting proposal… The Young Foundation are fascinating - a friend of mine just started an internship there - so I’ll kep an eye on this project.

Service Campus- Outline Proposal

February 18th, 2008 / Tags: servicedesign, publicsector / Trackback / Comments

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