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Jennifer Bove and Ben Fullerton on Designing Memorable Service Experiences

Jennifer Bove and Ben Fullerton | UX Week 2008 | Adaptive Path from Adaptive Path on Vimeo.

Clunky talk pretty badly delivered (literally just reading out from piece of paper, lots of sighing, lots of jargon) but with some interesting content (albeit with predictable examples). Nonetheless (!), they do present 6 useful principles for designing a good service experience:

  • Responsive - Responding to your particular needs at the point that you interact with the service (e.g Zappos call centre employees given lots of discretion to create a good outcome)
  • Consistent - Designing consistency across different touchpoints, every point of the engagement is designed to be repeatable and consistent (e.g always referring to passengers as 'guests' on Virgin America)
  • Adaptable - Providing changing solutions as required (e.g giving users of car sharing services extra time during rush hours)
  • Tailored - Because it evolves over time, a service can get to know its users (e.g tiVo remembering what you like to watch)
  • Efficient - Service design is also about designing organiastions/business process design.
  • Rewarding - Services need to be desirable and 'that extra step' beyond your expectations.

I'd personally combine adaptable and responsive and add something about unique/differentiated/branded. Via Experientia

UPDATE The video seems to have been made private. Hmm. Sorry about that. I guess get in touch with AP for a password?
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