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You know when you find something incredibly interesting, but its just so interesting you don't even know where to start?

Well, digital hyperlocalism is just that. I found this through Andrew Brown's blog, that I found because he'd commented on a post that I was commenting on the Brockley Central blog about kids letting off fireworks outside my house all night. God, I'm old before my time. Anyway, as a happy result of my hyperlocal interest, I saw that he had this slideshow from William Perrin embedded in his blog, which I thought was brilliant too:

Firstly, I completely agree with the points in this slideshow about Kings Cross - My parents have a flat on Judd Street near St Pancras Station and I've seen first hand in the sixish years I've been living in London (and visiting their flat), the transformation that has taken place in that area.

Now, I'm not putting this down to Perrin exclusively (I think the multi million pound regeneration plans might have something to do with it too), but I'm sure that his hyperlocal approach to news and community information has been a big help.

The whole concept of hyperlocalism through 2.0 media is absolutely fascinating, and something that was completely missed (or certainly misunderstood) during the first internet boom - and it has enormous significance for the design and maintenance of public services, communities and spaces going forward.

This is a fascinating, important topic, and I intend to return to it - mainly because I'm already part of it.

UPDATE: I just noticed that Steve has posted an article on a similar track. Weird. He lives just round the corner from me too, so we were hyperlocally writing about hyperlocalism. Check out his other posts too.

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Some really great online/offline sites/services I have enjoyed recently

Bit of a monster post here. I've been meaning to blog these for a while, and the guys at RISD have been going crazy with their favourite service design's so I had to join in.

First up, Fiat Eco:drive.

This is a fantastic concept by AKQA in collaboration with Fiat and Microsoft. There's so much good stuff here... Essentially Eco:drive is a combination of a piece of desktop software (with an online community thrown in) to help you drive more efficiently, a marketing campaign to help promote Fiat's eco credentials and a brilliant piece of product integration via a USB stick. Check out the cutesy animation. Lovely stuff, and very far sighted as this can only grow in popularity - all they have to do now is put a SIM card in the car and its a closed loop. Brilliant - and a whole bunch of Firsts too.

Fiat say: "Eco:drive is also the first step of a revolution; in fact, for the first time ever, a standard vehicle is connected with a PC and with the Web. It is also an innovative technology, but with an important social and educational objective: this is the first time that an automotive brand has launched an interactive technology that helps its customers improve their style of driving in order to save and to respect the environment" Great stuff guys.

Next up, ActionMethod. I include these guys just because of the lovely multi-channel graphic design.

Actionmethod screenshot

ActionMethod have a to-do list/project management/collaboration suite, but its their graphic design and typography that shines - look at that thin Din Mittleschrift. Excellent.

Next, Graze. A british firm, these guys deliver snacks to your desk. I like this because its Doing Well by Doing Good.

Graze screenshot

I haven't tried them out and I'm not sure if they'll make it through the economic tsunami, but again, I love the execution - the boxes are British letter box shaped and the photography reminds me of Postman Pat. Very nostalgic, just right for Autumn. Its the kind of thing my friends Mary and Zoe would do.

Finally, Lisapmaxwell. David Armano put me onto this and I love it. Lisapmaxwell are a PR firm in chicago, and they've put all the people in their office on the web, live, so you can have a conversation with any of them. Right now. Because that's their job - to talk to you and everyone else about their clients.

Lisapmaxwell screenshot

Again, clever idea, solid execution. I'm now following them on Twitter, which means I'll get all their PR stuff = a complete success of a site. Indeed, I now want to work there. What sites and services have you enjoyed/been envious of recently? Let me know on Twitter or Friendfeed.

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New More New

New super site from IDEO - packed full of interesting stuff. Feeling envious of their resources (and talent), I love how open they are about the content and the approach. This site says Confident.

New site from Live|Work - More interesting stuff than they had previously, but this comes just months after a long awaited redesign, and it feels like a step back in terms of design quality. Nonetheless, great to see more case studies and a bit more about how they work. I also notice they've closed their Newcastle office.

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Huge volume of service design, strategy and management ideas from IBM and others

I just came across the Service Research and Innovation Community, a significant online effort from IBM, Oracle and others. There's papers to download and conversations to join. The site is divided up into four key areas:

Customers and Markets

"Service industries account for the majority of jobs, gross domestic product, and exports in the global economy. The definition of quality service differs from industry to industry, market segment to market segment, and in some cases, from customer to customer. Engage with a community focused on the importance of service markets (segment size, growth rate, and profitability) and how customers evaluate the benefits and value of services."

Service Operations, Excellence and Innovation

"Technological innovation is one of the major driving forces that improves the year-over-year productivity increases of service system operations, and is therefore responsible for significant profit gains in the service sector. Members are encourage to not only explore but to engage by posting content and seek people and knowledge to uncover key performance indicators associated with lean service system operations, human capital management processes and the types of innovations that most positively impact those measures, including self-service technologies."

Service Business Strategy and Governance

"Which service business models are most profitable as markets expand? How should firms invest to improve value propositions to customers as well as the governance mechanisms that coordinate partners, regulators, and other stakeholders? If these questions apply—or you have innovative ideas on service business strategy and governance, we ask that you weigh in to identify business strategy and governance issues that impact the dynamics of service value networks."

Government and University Programs

"Service innovation is rapidly becoming a priority for industry, government and academia. Stakeholders must work closely together to create programs and drive investment required to develop the service science, management, engineering, design expertise and knowledge needed for the migrating 21st century workforce. We invite you to connect with people, access/post content and discover government/university programs in this forum. We strive to make these resources valuable to your initiatives, but nothing will substitute for active community collaboration where individual and organizational perspectives, knowledge and experiences are shared and discussed."

Lots to digest... A good place to start might be with this publication I highlighted earlier in the week. It's a lot more manageable!

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Very Interesting Online Service Design Tool

"Successful Product Service System (PSS) innovation asks for a strategy that focuses on designing and selling an interconnected system of products and services. Methodology for PSS (MEPSS) helps you to think ‘outside the box’ and actively use visualisation, analysis and stakeholder management in your design process." Lots to examine here... Link
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Undergoing a redesign

The long awaited redesign is slowly happening Nearly there! My CSS skills are pretty rusty, so please bear with me in the meantime! See you on the other side...
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While you wait editing service design

"Let’s say you have to answer an email from an important client. Not being a professional writer, you’re unsure whether the lengthy response you hacked out will even make sense. Who are you going to call? Gramlee. Paste your rough-hewn verbiage into a text box on Gramlee’s website. Hit submit. And within about two hours the text is emailed back, expertly polished by human editors so that it’s both readable and grammatically correct."
From Springwise
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Service Design Network

The Service Design Network has had a substantial facelift and rebrand.

They’ve got a really interesting download (pdf) of the ‘Service Innovation and Design Journal’. There’s other articles and projects available for review too, including these from Birgit Marger in Cologne (but why can’t you download the document!?)

I’ve always liked Prof. Marger’s concept of service generally suffering from lack of ‘form’ - hence the need for service design.

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Spooky service design… “as of December Boston-based ScientificMatch is using DNA to assess personal chemistry for dating purposes”


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