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Call for visual contributions for Service Design Drinks on Friday

Friday approaches, and with it London's number one service design drinking event! This time we're in a much nicer venue than we've ever managed to find hitherto (its called the Old Crown) and one of the things that makes it nice is that we have a projector. And we can choose the music. DJ Jaimes has taken control of that.

So, as an experiment we thought we'd throw the projector open to anyone who wants to show off some service design. What does this mean? well, we don't know, but maybe you have an experience map you want to share, or a video from some design research, or a full blown service design toolkit, or a even a full explanation of how you see service design, or maybe just some awesome photos of people. And, of course, you don't actually have to be at the event to have your images shown there.

One thing we thought is that it might be a good opportunity for students to show off some of their service design work to lots of interesting people. So if you have some images from a student project you are or have been working on or your student show : ), send them over!

We want nice big images and we reserve the right to edit the slideshow - we want it to look good - and if we don't get any stuff (booo) we'll probably just go with a Twitter visualisation linked to the hashtag #sddrinks (we might do this as well as visuals anyway as its always good for a laugh.)

If this goes well we'll make it a bit better organised next time and let people upload stuff to flickr in advance - however for now we're going old skool as this is the first time and we don't know how good the internet is there yet either so please email images or links to london [at] servicedesigning [dot] org Hopefully this will turn out to be awesome, but it won't if you don't send stuff, so send us your service design images!
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