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Goldsmiths Design Degree Show 2008: Processed

I went to my college's degree show over the the weekend. The Goldsmiths show is always a surprising and innovative affair, and this year I was very impressed with the quality of the work, as well as the maturity of the thinking. I personally find the work more challenging and though provoking than most MA course projects.

The show was called 'processed', and the students have curated the space in the Boiler House of the Truman brewery to show of the varigated design processes they've been thorugh to get to their final designs. This is in refreshing contrast to the tedium of many degree shows, where students are only keen to show off how brilliantly they can do what everyone else in the design industry does - i.e slick, commercial and with little sense of storytelling.

Some of the highlights included Niel Hubbard's investigation into the use of personal gravity fields to create new forms of interactive architecture, Emma Jones's weird attempt to use real hearts to create sentimental jewellery designs and Philip Havlin's witty furniture that makes you look twice.

My favourite though was Sam Hill's exploration of the value of experience (video below), who deservedly won the annual Duvel prize for his simultaniously considered and light hearted investigation into the meaning of experience design.



In all a very inspiring exhibition, and good luck to all the students - lets hope they can keep some of the idealism going as they head out to find (well deserved) work for the man.


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