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Innovaro Briefing on Service Innovation

Innovaro, the innovation consulting firm have an in depth (and very, very wordy) monthly newsletter that I enjoy. This month they're focusing on service innovation. From the newsletter:

Service innovation is fast becoming the most interesting and successful area of innovation for businesses. Now accounting for 70% of the aggregate production and employment in OECD nations, service innovation is widely seen as critical for longer-term growth and prosperity. While the economic downturn has hit some parts of the services sector very hard, it is clear that the trend towards service domination in the major economies is here to stay. The ageing population will have a greater need for social and health services; both the obese and the health conscious sections of society will drive an increase in wellness and nutrition services; and the opening up of all levels of education will drive innovation in the provision of teaching and learning.These are just three drivers of growth in the service sector.

Of course this growth in services and service innovation is not just a function of the demand-side trends but also a reflection of the new paradigm of technological advance that allows for new and innovative service developments including location-based services, real-time access to a raft of data sources, and quicker and more powerful communications. So, it is a combination of the consumer demand for more and better services and the ability of the market to provide them through technological progress that has driven this area of innovation. That said, although service innovation is now an important part of top companies' competitive strategies, it is relatively underexplored compared to the attention given over the years to product and process innovation. This is something which we seek to redress in this briefing.

There's lots of depth, including Innovaro's 'Service Innovation Model' (a.k.a a nice diagram.) You can sign up for the newsletter by emailiing your email address to They also have a blog, where I assume they will publish the service innovation briefing at a later date.
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