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Interesting links about service design and other cool stuff you missed in the last three days if you're not on Twitter

I'm spending more and more time sharing stuff and having conversations through Twitter, and neglecting my blog in the process. If you're not on Twitter - here's some of the good stuff you missed in the last three days alone:

I discovered that Pink Service Design were interviewed about their work for Glaxo and other health care providers, that Experientia reported on Andrew Dillon's take down of user centred design, I found this really cool tech-led service innovation firm, Sagentia in Cambridge (they designed the M-Pesa service), and I highlighted Sarah Drummond's student service design project. I read an article about ubiquitous data and design research on the Plan website and one about weak signals from the future on Nicolas Nova's site. I found a Mexican service design company. I loved this 'pop up business' concept from PSFK, and Dan Lockton's visit to Engine got me thinking about the need for design for behaviour change - and The Guardian agrees. I shared this link to a great report on the connection between digital inclusion and social capital - something for all digitally minded service designers to think about. I also got excited about a new Australian service design blog and a new 'human centred' design support programme in Europe. I also shared lots of non-service design stuff, including this.

The point I'm making is that my information feed is on Twitter (which is often being fed by Google Reader) and that's where I'm sharing (and discussing) most of the good stuff.

Of course, none of this is my 'content', I'm just rehashing, filtering and prioritising the stream, much as I used to do with this blog - I'm just finding that Twitter is a much better, much more social way to share and discover cool stuff. I'll still be posting longer pieces of original content here, but the service design conversation is definitely on Twitter. See you there!
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