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Last week's service design news

Sorry for the lack of posting recently - I'm very busy with two exciting projects at Engine and trying to sort out lots of other bits and bobs. As a short term peace offering before we get back to real content, here's a round up of interesting service/design news stuff from last week... in no particular order:

Steve Lee (my friend and colleague at Engine) has written a piece on how to motivate change in service users. Business week reports that Kraft has launched a services division! Kraft! Meanwhile, NESTA has launched a public service innovation lab. Indeed, its getting quite crowded in the public-service-innovation-lab-space-project-initiative these days, what with the Design Council, the RSA and now NESTA.

Elsewhere, Jeff Howard has found a 200 page report in to collaborative social innovation, Tish has posted a massive list of cool stuff focused on the dematerialisation of products in to services.

Cornell University hosted a roundtable on hospitality service innovation and Service Untitled has some interesting facts on the importance of customer service in different cultures.

My favourite 'business guy', Umair Haque got all hot under the collar about the crisis in capitalism and the need to return ideals as the central proposition for businesses and services. Meanwhile, Brandon has made a service blueprint of his service blueprint lecture.

And finally, in case you forgot everything about everything you do, here’s a reminder.
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