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Peer Insight Service Innovation Methods (and Jobs)

Peer Insight have refreshed their website again, and included these ten 'methods' they use in their projects:

  • Reframe. See what’s already there, but hiding.
  • Employ clear methodology with the fewest tools. Take the shortest path to success.
  • Take a people-driven perspective. Begin with the customer.
  • Step out of the conference room, into the field. Life rarely resembles PowerPoint.
  • Don’t separate stories from data. They need each other!
  • Co-create everything. From many voices, great harmony emerges.
  • Be visual. A picture is worth 1,000 words.
  • Generate (and test) many options. The road to success is paved with rapid prototypes.
  • Let others validate. Objectivity is a firm and generous teacher.
  • Move quickly. Speed eliminates waste and energizes teams

Their website has lots of links to their writing and ideas, and, if you live in the US, they're hiring! Senior Director of Consulting and Innovation Program Leader.
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