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Post-it 2.0

"Ixp-Note is a new form of intelligent Post-It (TM) note. More than just a blank sticky note, the Ixp-Note allows the user to enter time and date of the future event. Using low cost electronic circuit printing technology, on paper,  the user  selects the time  and date via touching the printed scroll strip with the finger. The user then writes the event to remember on the glow strip, which will flash or sound at the chosen time. 

Any type of pen can be used to write the message. Ixp-Note uses low cost technology similar to musical and light-up greeting cards.  The technology is designed to be very simple and intuitive to use without the challenges of conventional reminder systems.

Ixp-Notes are designed to be used like normal Post-It pads but are also re-usable. They were originally designed for people with severe memory loss, e.g. Alzheimer's, but can be used all around the home and office. Battery life should be greater than one year."

Via Nadine

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