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Service Design Signposts for the Week

This week in the world of service design the big news was that the Service Design Network relaunched their website! Lots of new material, but the good stuff is in the printed journal Touchpoint, which isn't online. Weird.

In other news about print, Tim has written a book about design thinking called 'Change by Design'. Meanwhile, back in the UK Matthew has been thinking about what makes a pro-social council. There’s lots of practical tips, well worth a read for those working on public sector service design projects.

Elsewhere Sophia pointed to some great articles (featuring her work) on how local government’s innovation capacity is slowly improving. Meanwhile Joel found a nice video about the types of people you need to create good innovation teams.

Meanwhile Stephen was busy seducing us with principles for creating seductive services, and Jeff was interviewing Paul Robare on his health service design work in the US.

Mark (at Experientia) pointed us to a report on different types of co-creation and when and where to use them. James wrote a post on service innovation 'not to loose', rather than service innovation to win. An interesting idea, but not one that consultants can really sell. Well worth a read.

Mark (at 31volts) created some nice diagrams for a post where he explores the design of 'off-stage' business experiences. Service Untitled featured a guest post from Chip n’ John on creating 'Imaginative Services'. Finally, Bloomberg reported on an innovation programme by some of the world’s oldest professional service providers.
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