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Service Design Thanks!

Thanks to everyone who came down to service design drinks 4. It was great, nice to see some new faces, and to catch up with more regular service design drinkers! In no particular order, it was great to catch up with Arpit, Dan, Olly, Mayo, Gavin, Tamsin, Richard, Lauren, Jaimes, Melanie, Joel, Luke, Fergus, Tobie, Steve, Alex, Erick, amongst others - if I missed you or didn't say hi, sorry! Next time!

Speaking of next time, next time we'll use Eventbrite to coordinate and we'll have badges to identify us, which should make it easier to figure out who's there! Here's a few photos from Alex of the event - if anyone else took any, please let me know.
June 20th, 2009 / Trackback / Comments