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Service Design Thinks 1 - Sold out!

Yesterday we launched tickets to Service Design Thinks 1 via the Service Design Drinks mailing list. They sold out in two hours! This is going to be a great event, and we may be able to release some more tickets (maybe) so if you missed out and are interested please email me - nickatchoosenickdotcom. Some more info on the event is below:

Beyond ‘what is it?’ towards ‘how do you do it well?’ Service Design Thinks is a forum for conversation and discussion around service design practice.

Building on the success of the growing Service Design Drinks network, Service Design Thinks is run by service designers, for service designers.

Each event presents inspiring perspectives and reflections on service design practice, to spark conversation and debate and ultimately, move service design thinking and practice forward. The focus is on practical, inspiring stories and observations from people who design services every day. Each speaker will talk for 10 minutes, with time for questions and debate, followed by plenty of time for what Service Design Drinks is best known for - drinking, and talking about service design!

For this first session we’ve kept it simple and pulled together four speakers to discuss the four broad elements of a service design process - research, design, evaluation and management.

More info on the speakers and venue here.
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