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As some of you may know, this year we launched a revamped website to collect together the various and varied global service design drinks, thinks, talks and other events that have sprung up around the world, in part inspired by the original Service Design Christmas Drinks here in London two years ago.

Interest in putting on service design events around the world has grown and grown (we're adding a city a week at the moment), which is great news for all of us as it means more and more people are interested in talking about service design, which means they must be interested in doing more service design - which hopefully means better services for everyone. Which is good.

As a case in point, in the second half of march, if you have very deep pockets, you could go to a service design event almost every other day!


So, if you are in Sydney, Amsterdam, Cologne, London or San Francisco in March, and you're interested in meeting up with other people interested in exploring and understanding the role that design can play in improving services and service experiences, get on the site, and get in touch!
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