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Some really great online/offline sites/services I have enjoyed recently

Bit of a monster post here. I've been meaning to blog these for a while, and the guys at RISD have been going crazy with their favourite service design's so I had to join in.

First up, Fiat Eco:drive.

This is a fantastic concept by AKQA in collaboration with Fiat and Microsoft. There's so much good stuff here... Essentially Eco:drive is a combination of a piece of desktop software (with an online community thrown in) to help you drive more efficiently, a marketing campaign to help promote Fiat's eco credentials and a brilliant piece of product integration via a USB stick. Check out the cutesy animation. Lovely stuff, and very far sighted as this can only grow in popularity - all they have to do now is put a SIM card in the car and its a closed loop. Brilliant - and a whole bunch of Firsts too.

Fiat say: "Eco:drive is also the first step of a revolution; in fact, for the first time ever, a standard vehicle is connected with a PC and with the Web. It is also an innovative technology, but with an important social and educational objective: this is the first time that an automotive brand has launched an interactive technology that helps its customers improve their style of driving in order to save and to respect the environment" Great stuff guys.

Next up, ActionMethod. I include these guys just because of the lovely multi-channel graphic design.

Actionmethod screenshot

ActionMethod have a to-do list/project management/collaboration suite, but its their graphic design and typography that shines - look at that thin Din Mittleschrift. Excellent.

Next, Graze. A british firm, these guys deliver snacks to your desk. I like this because its Doing Well by Doing Good.

Graze screenshot

I haven't tried them out and I'm not sure if they'll make it through the economic tsunami, but again, I love the execution - the boxes are British letter box shaped and the photography reminds me of Postman Pat. Very nostalgic, just right for Autumn. Its the kind of thing my friends Mary and Zoe would do.

Finally, Lisapmaxwell. David Armano put me onto this and I love it. Lisapmaxwell are a PR firm in chicago, and they've put all the people in their office on the web, live, so you can have a conversation with any of them. Right now. Because that's their job - to talk to you and everyone else about their clients.

Lisapmaxwell screenshot

Again, clever idea, solid execution. I'm now following them on Twitter, which means I'll get all their PR stuff = a complete success of a site. Indeed, I now want to work there. What sites and services have you enjoyed/been envious of recently? Let me know on Twitter or Friendfeed.

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