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Using Theatre to Inspire Service Design

Karri Ojanen at Three Minds points to a great article about creating great theatre, and links it through to creating great experiences for customers:

"Chicago-based theatre producer Greg Allen's "25 Rules for Creating Good Theatre" make a good, basic guide to designing customer experience, services, and presentation technique as well. Some are basic rules that we all know and recognize, like these for example:
  • Rule #4: Know why you are creating this show.
  • Rule #5: Make form fit function.
  • Rule #15: Include a surprise.
Some others are more thought-provoking ideas. Try applying these to social media:
  • Rule #22: Get non-verbal.
  • Rule #23: Establish ritual through repetition."

The original article over at The Neo Futurists is well worth a full read, lots of lovely little ideas hidden there.

Theatre is very rich territory for service design inspiration, and the original theatrical service designer is Adam over at Work•Play•Experience who takes 'a show biz approach to customer experience.' His super simple Boom-wow-wow-wow-BOOM!! method to choreographing a great experience is an absolute must read for service designers, marketers and anyone who really cares about creating really memorable experiences.
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