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Two moments that are really important in creative careers »« SS3! Its here. And its amazing! on SS3

Me and Adil got interviewed by Wired magazine about our newest, latest, most exciting-est project - Our social technical design-ical business incubation programme SS3.

The best bit is that they actually quoted me talking about the idea that Jonny had about how design can help you to go that bit further than Minimal Viable Product, and into Minimal Viable Sexiness:

"Many designers talk about creating the minimum viable product for speedy market testing, but Sidekick talks about the need minimum viable sexiness when developing social enterprises. Marsh explains: "The key is to get people not to make a working product but one that people really want to use. We know that you need to get great design in there to make people not just use it, but love it."

Read the full interview here.
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